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Веб камера Суворовский проспект, ресторан La Maree

About webcam "Suvorovsky Avenue, the restaurant La Maree" in Saint Petersburg

The centre of local government of St. Petersburg, home to numerous major companies, this area is in the North-West of the historic center of the city, as a rule, is of interest to visitors of the glorious Smolny Cathedral, perhaps the most beautiful churches in St. Petersburg. Don't want to ignore the area along Suvorovskiy Prospekt and around the Smolny, which mainly take the place of the administrative buildings and luxury residential complexes, as well as some of the most expensive restaurants of St. Petersburg, and even further East to the river, the city is transformed into one of the most vibrant neighborhoods. If you visit Saint Petersburg for business, of course, you may need to stay in the area. Unfortunately, the choice of hotels here is very low because there is no nearby metro station, you will either have to settle on the second level of the residence or stay in another place, and include in your budget a lot of taxi rides. Claim La Maree to five stars has always been somewhat weak. However, it's quite an attractive restaurant with a good location in the southern part of the Suvorovsky Prospekt. Clean the interior rooms and the high level of service attract the visitors. Suvorovsky Avenue restaurant La Maree is now possible to see and remotely, through a lens installed there is a web camera. The proprietor gave a great opportunity to any user who is interested in his restaurant. Stream available online, and the picture is fed into the grid around the clock.

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