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Web camera is a unique device that people have learned to use for the maximum benefit for themselves. If before with it, people were talking among themselves, breaking free of the hundreds of thousands of kilometers, but today they still travel the world. In St. Petersburg Shushary settlement, it could only be seen before arriving here or on the photos, but now in real time, anyone can assess the area and the area of the object. at the height of bird flight here installed the webcam, is almost completely encircling the village. The best time to explore the object, day, or morning, before the sun goes down. From the picture you can see the house, the location of roads and General plan of construction. at night all you see are the headlights from cars travelling on the roads and the light in the Windows of houses, where people returning from work. Web camera – a great opportunity not only to meet, but to come back at some moment in his hometown. The device gives a clear picture, it was mounted in its position so that people could see the village as possible. To activate the picture enough to have a device and Internet access.

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