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About webcam "The intersection of ul. Staroderevenskaya and so Powerful" in the city Saint Petersburg

Crossroads st. Old Believer and Bogatyrsky Avenue is widely covered in the network through a web camera. near this place Pionerskaya station is located, but from the selected foreshortening it is not visible. From the shooting location to it about 14 minutes on foot. This place from which one way leaves the road to the Peter and Paul Fortress, and to the other to Nevsky Station. If you look closely at the frame, local buildings get into it. In which you can relatively cheaply rent a house. Nearby there is a studio of power aerobics and stratchenginga. In addition to all the procedures, the central part of the city is only 6 kilometers from this place. With web cameras and broadcasts from it you can enjoy the view of the city, see the features of local architecture, evaluate the transport junction and the quality of traffic congestion in the area. The web camera becomes a good assistant to drivers in everything, including when it is necessary to see in real time the situation on the road. Video comes to the network around the clock, the lens of the device is pretty close to the roadway, if you want to look more closely at traffic signs and markings. Broadcasting can be easily extended to the full screen if necessary.

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