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Severoural'sk one of the cities that is rarely heard on the lips of the Russians, but if you think about it and run through his history, even there is something to see. One of the main attractions of this town is the Central square in the World, the main object of which was the bizarre monument. You can explore the city thanks to the installed on-site webcam. The device takes a picture of the clock in the afternoon, with shots of the local residents hurrying to work or just strolling before Breakfast, at lunch, in the area accumulates more people come here to spend time with students and pensioners, and in the evening many of those who rides on roller skates or bicycles. The frame camera hits the area which is the area of the World, in the foreground is a monument with flower beds, on the second administration building. The area has good road access and Parking for cars, all this can be seen by activating the stream on the computer. In the night time in the square are lit in a small number of lights, so most part remains unlit, despite the fact that the stream does not stop to see anything in detail becomes difficult.

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