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Live cameras in Shuya. Live webcams Shuya onlineShuya. Shuya is a city in the Ivanovo region of Russia, the administrative center of the Shuisky district, which it does not include, forms the Shuya urban district. The city of Shuya is located 32 km southeast of the regional center of Ivanovo. The Teza River (a tributary of the Klyazma) flows through the city from north to south, its length within the city limits is 6.6 km. Sekha (flows into Teza) and Motovilikha (flows into Sekha) also flow through the city. The population of the city is 57,000 people. In terms of population, Shuya is the third city after Ivanov and Kineshma in the Ivanovo region.

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