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On the territory of Simferopol, the former Ukrainian city of glory, there are a lot interesting that will you can watch coming here to visit. In its architecture it is an amazing city, it has unique monuments, buildings, preserved from the times of the former USSR. Special attention the locals pay to Park the name of Shevchenko, where they like to spend free time. In each city there is a Park, but here it has a special atmosphere, presence of a large number of separated trees and shrubs sites. This is the place where you can get privacy and you can meet a large company. The Park covers a huge number of lights, there is a sidewalk path on which to walk late in the evening young and the elderly. You can see the entrance to the Park from a web camera installed on one of the pillars. With its help, you don't just get useful information and make a virtual journey in real time. Indeed, the webcam works around the clock, the image is transferred to the Internet and is freely available for any user on the network, regardless of its location. At night the entrance to the Park is lit so well that you can talk about a detailed examination of the picture. The device is not equipped with a night shooting mode and have to look at the details, the best time to view the video after the dawn, when all objects in the frame are clearly visible.

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