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Studio radio TRANS-M-Radio in the Crimea today demonstrates for the whole world to see what is happening inside do not have to ask for a pass to the room, just turn on your own computer and connect it to the Internet. The radio on the Peninsula is very popular and not just in the air users have been saying that it would be interesting not only to listen to the leading, but also be able to see them. With the permission of the management of the company within the premises of the Studio were installed webcam. Now any Internet user, regardless of their location, can see the room and what is happening inside it. The webcam works around the clock in real time, so you can return to the broadcast at any convenient time for you when you have a spare minute. The webcam gives a clear contrast image, and besides it delivers a clear sound. Problems with the launch and broadcast does not happen, the main thing that was quality Internet access. This is a unique opportunity for you to become better acquainted with your idols, to see how starts and ends their working day. Show your child what it means to the profession of a radio host if his plans he seeks to become them.

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