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Each district of the Stavropol can offer you something interesting, if you're going there on a visit, but if you come not, you are always at hand broadcasts from web cameras installed throughout the city. This video shows the street Shpakovsky, the hallmark of which is a large Park area. The web camera installed on one of the pillars, it is aimed at one part of the street and grabs the stop, the roadway and surrounding landscape. A small distance from the earth allows you to see the passing people, cars and city cars moving along the street. The webcam works in real time around the clock, to view the video you need to have a computer or phone and a good connection to the Internet. Online video can watch any user, no matter what his geographical position. The webcam gives you permanent access to this area of the city, you can stay in the loop, if something happens within the lens. Not shuts down the device and at night, but the lack of night mode is the main reason why the picture after sunset is less clear. To see only those areas in which you installed the lights, as well as a passing transport, everything else is covered by a veil of darkness.

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