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The city was founded in the second half of the XVIII century as a village in the valley of Oia. With the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway in the early 20th century, Tulun became an important trade center. It was managed as a city between 1922 and 1924, before the status of the city was finally approved in 1927. Within the administrative divisions, Tulun serves as an administrative center in the Tulun district, even if it is not part of it. As an administrative unit, it is included separately as a city - an administrative unit with a status equal to the status of the districts. As a municipal unit, Tulun is included as the Tulun City District. Tulun has a subarctic climate with mild, warm, humid summers and severe cold winters. It is an important center for the extraction of wood and brown coal. In the territory there is the City Council and the Lenin Monument, which can be viewed in real time without leaving home. The quality of the broadcast will please you regardless of your geographical location. Webcam works around the clock, all information is fed into the network in real time online.

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