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When talking about the Russian cities, where you can come to spend a fun time on vacation, usually mention the southern regions, where you can go to the hot springs, swim in the sea, to visit the mountains and so on. Tyumen is not included in the number of cities which enjoyed demand from foreign tourists, although they sometimes look. Today, the opportunity to travel not spending their money, but simply to activate the stream on the computer screen to see if the place you going to, exactly what you expected. What about those who do not have the physical or financial capacity to go throughout the vast Russian? Today, this problem is solved very simply, due to the installed web camera, a monuments, attractions and industrial areas of most towns. Webcam installed so as to be able to consider in detail the features of any site to which it is directed. From this angle you can go on excursions to the sights of Tyumen, to learn a lot about yourself, decide whether you want to go there personally. If you are not able to travel alone, just turn on the stream from the webcam and expand it to full screen. Feel the spirit of this place, enjoy the picture from the territory of any country, no matter where you were.

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