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See on webcam The area in front of automobile plant and watch the weather in Ulyanovsk

About webcam "The area in front of automobile plant" in Ulyanovsk

Ulyanovsk is a large territory and the number of living people here the city is known for its own attractions. Despite his fame he is not very popular among tourists as Moscow, but here, too, there is something to see. If you want to get to know the city better and see the area in front of the factory and a web camera mounted ideal for this tool. The device is installed so that the image broadcast on the Internet could give the user the most useful information for him. The camera captures spaces, Parking and other important elements of the square, she works around the clock, but due to the distance from the center of the square to see the details of people and events is difficult with the onset of night. Available light sources are not enough to on your computer screen was a clear picture, after the sunset, the rest of the time you can observe the life in the city and listen to live Ulyanovsk. The webcam is a unique and free way to see the city, meet him and decide for themselves the question move if you have already thought about this.

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