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Economy Ust-Kut relies mainly on its location as a transport hub, with connection to road and rail transport with river traffic on the Lena. In the summer months, passenger ferries depart downriver from Ust-Kut to Yakutsk and Tiksi. In Ust-Kut there is a bridge across the river. The town also has shipyards and food production. Ust-Kut is spread on the Baikal-Amur railway with several stations including the smaller station Ust-Kut and the actual main station Lena near the river port in Osetrovo. In the small settlement of Yakurim a few kilometers further, the railway crosses the Lena via a 500-meter (1600-foot) bridge, currently the last bridge across the river for the entire length. The city is served by the airport of Ust-Kut, located 9 km (5.6 miles) North-West of the city centre. Today you can see the intersection of Khalturina and St. Derzhinskogo through the lens installed there is a web camera. Device is active around the clock, and the stream is available online to any interested user.

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