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The city of Ust-Kut was founded in 1631 by Siberian Cossack ataman Ivan Galkin, who built an Ostrog (Fort). The military importance of the Fort decreased in the second half of the 17th century, however, the settlement is gaining in importance as a river port and became one of the main starting points for trade along the Lena. Mineral springs West of the city, as reported, was discovered in the 17th century by the Iron habarovym, the first Spa was built in 1925. At the beginning of the 20th century Ust-Kut served as a destination for political exiles, for example, Leon Trotsky. In 1951 the railway from Tayshet came to Ust-Kut, thus, the city became the first and only river port on the Lena served by the railroad, and an important railway branch through which goods could be moved from sites along the Lena river, such as a large part of Yakutia. Ust-Kut was granted city status in 1954, after the merger of the original settlement of Ust-Kut and the river port suburb of Osetrovo. Ust-Kut remained the end of the line until 1974, when construction began on the expansion of the railroad, now known as the Baikal-Amur mainline, East of lake Baikal and beyond. The city became the headquarters of the construction of the Western part of BAM. Today you can remotely explore the city and to open a view of the fountain with DC Rivermen. Then installed the web camera with the clock stream, the video that is actively online.

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