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In Siberia the Lena river was and still is one of the largest, its total length is 4,500 kilometers, has its own river fleet, which is regularly directed the cargo on the river in the region of Yakutia and the Bank of the Khatanga. Installed in the city of Ust-Kut web camera offers breathtaking views of the river Lena. To watch the broadcast can be anyone, you just need to activate the video on your computer or tablet. Stream free but the quality of the playback depends on the stability of the Internet. The river is one of the main transport routes for the majority of Siberian regions, most goods sent to Yakutia. On its way it flows into the Laptev sea. It is worth saying that today the turnover is constantly decreasing for small villages and settlements, but increasing for large cities. Current policy harms small settlements and this was one of the reasons why many people are eager to leave them.

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