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Kirov square is the oldest in Irkutsk. Its age is more than three centuries. It was founded shortly after the construction of the prison and almost immediately was named by the Kremlin. Gradually, the surrounding countryside was depleted, and the area became a major centre for trade, exhibitions and entertainment for residents of the rapidly growing city. Here you can buy everything from fur and forest to tea and other products. From here the path was sent numerous expeditions. After the end of the eighteenth century the Kremlin was dismantled, the name was changed to the Plaza Gostinodvorsky since he moved here Gostiny Dvor. In subsequent years the area was extended, and at the end of the nineteenth century came to its final dimensions. This is partly due to the fire of 1879 that destroyed most of the buildings, they had decided not to rebuild. In the second half of the XX century in the centre of the square was lined with beautiful square with a fountain, and benches surrounding the area was landscaped. In our days in the Park named after Kirov, the major festive events, it can be seen online via stream here installed a web camera. Summer residents are pleased with the fountain, and in winter place the main Christmas tree of the city and build ice town. Kirov square is the favorite place of rest of people.

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