Webcam Vladimir - Transfiguration parish of St. Nicholas Church

About webcam "Transfiguration parish of St. Nicholas Church" in the city Vladimir

Our collection has many interesting cameras and unique places to watch. They differ in scale and theme, for example, this time you have the opportunity to use the webcam Transfiguration parish of St. Nicholas Church in the city Vladimir Russia. The camera is located directly in front of the church and offers for review a building and a beautiful park area. People are constantly walking here, what to speak of parishioners who attend church. The place is calm, atmospheric and has a relaxation effect. Therefore, it’s enough to allocate a few minutes of free time, which certainly will not be wasted.

As for the details, the webcam offers: - a park with rare trees, manicured lawns, benches and lanterns; - the church itself was built, it is modest, but has a spiritual atmosphere; - spacious fields and small buildings are visible on the horizon, this monastery is located on the edge of the metropolis.

The camera is static and is located under the roof of a wooden structure. Pay attention to how clean and tidy everything is here, and this will undoubtedly please any observer. For convenience and orientation, the date, time and day are marked on it.

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