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Vladivostok is one of the most beautiful cities of Russia, it is located on the shore of the ocean, so the grandeur of his nature became the reason of such interest to object. Vladivostok is not a resort town, but interest does not fall so that people could see it and admire the scenery then decided to install a web camera stream which is fed into the grid absolutely for free. This video opens to the user a panorama from the height of the shoreline. Watch the video at any time, the stream is served in real time, but you can look at it online only, so you should take care of quality connection to the network. The device is set at the maximum allowable height, from this angle offers incredible views of one of the largest districts of the city. The picture quality and brightness of the transmitted colors are an extra advantage of using web camera, unfortunately, its functionality is missing the ability to rotate the lens, so the stream is always in one direction. When the sun sets before the user is presented a completely different picture, worth to see Vladivostok in different time of year and day, to appreciate its beauty. Uneven edges, with the opening of your computer screen, only adds charm to the covered area. Stream accessible to people of all countries, not infrequently it is used as a tool to find out real time weather in the city. All information is timely and reliable, is transmitted from the device to the network with the difference is only a few seconds.

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