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Vladivostok is one of the most remote cities of Russia is quite cold here, so moving here a feat comparable, however the people who live here permanently, already acclimatized and get pleasure from the benefits that it offers to the city. Its territory is the Central square, the diameter of which allows to use the object as primary for major city events. it is because in the city most of the days are dark, all major facilities here equipped with powerful lighting, this also applies to the Central square, to see which is possible today through the installed webcam. the device gives a clear picture of the clock in real time, this is a unique opportunity not just to see everything happening in the city, but also to hear the rhythm in which he lives. Web camera installed in a place that users can get from the screens of private computer with more useful information. The entertaining starts after dark, when an area included hundreds of lights, the picture changes completely and it's impossible to say that it is not mesmerizing. Be sure to get to know the city, even if you are not able to go, you have nothing to lose and will learn a lot.

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