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About webcam "Square in front of cinema Sputnik" in Volgograd

Cinema Sputnik in Volgograd has a rich history. This institution is popular not only among young people, the repertoire of the institution attracts the attention of people of different ages. More than 1.5 million people have visited sessions lately. As well as many years ago the cinema is a meeting place and helps to have fun. The square in front of the Sputnik cinema is organized like any other similar to it. This is exactly the asphalted area, on which the webcam is directed. The picture quality is excellent, the video is broadcast around the clock in real time. Stable connection to the network allows you to view the broadcast in any city in the world. The area has a small green area, flower beds and plantations are its main decoration. From the picture you can see that the cinema is popular at any time of the day. Sessions are held regularly, there are broadcasted world premieres and films, which are already known to the public. The position of the webcam was selected carefully, which allowed the best side to light the object in front of a wide audience. This is a live broadcast from the city of Volgograd, which allows you to find out not only what is happening on the square, but also what weather conditions are currently in the city.

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