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Volgograd is a hero city with a rich history, large dimensions, on the territory of which there are remarkable and not very cultural monuments. As in most cities of Russia there is a square named after VI Lenin. Most often in the center is a monument to Lenin, hence the name. On this square the monument was erected on a granite pedestal. It is made of bronze and has a height of 9 meters. There was a monument to Lenin on the square in 1960, there is not far a common grave to soldiers of the NKVD, which appeared a year earlier. There is an inscription on the monument to the dead soldiers, but it will not be possible to see it from the webcam installed here and aimed at the object. The device works around the clock, the picture is available in any region and even the country of the world. With a stable connection to the online network, real-time broadcasting gives a clear idea of ​​the object. Do not fall into the frame of the nearby memorial wall defenders of Stalingrad. The broadcast will be an excellent option for first acquaintance with the city, this is a round-the-clock demonstration of the square and everything that happens on it.

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