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The city of Vorkuta is located on the territory of Russia, its territory is home to sixty thousand people. Not to say that it belongs to the resort towns of the country, so users is not as popular as, for example, Sochi. But all this is not to say that users would not like to learn something new about the city, to see it in real time. Panorama from height to Vorkuta, which is freely available for every user – great opportunity to travel regardless of their location. To activate the picture, you only need a device that accepts video signal and a quality connection to the network. The webcam works online around the clock, you can see the city by day, to feel its rhythm or feel the night life. All you need to obtain the operational information supplied to the computer screen, some free time. If you are a resident of Vorkuta, take a look at architecture differently, will cover the scale of the development, feel that Vorkuta is in the palm of your hand.

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