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Lemurs in the zoo are really spectacular, but you can see them now not only personally, but also through the webcam lens, which the administration of the establishment has set up opposite the cage with animals. The picture is sent to the network around the clock, it is available to every user for free. For activation, it is enough to have a stable connection to the network and a little free time. The video is broadcast live in real time online. The most notable characteristic of this lemur is its long tail. The tail is longer than the body. The species derives its common name from the ring pattern of fur on the tail, which has alternating strips of black and white rings. The rest of their bodies are light reddish-gray to dark red-brown with light gray and dark brown rows and light gray to gray-brown limbs. They have a white underside, arms and legs, white faces with dark brown or black triangular eyes that look like a mask around the light brown eyes and black muzzles. Male ringed lemurs have dark-colored glands on the inside of their wrists, as well as a nail, usually called a horn spur.

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