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Until 2009, when the first white lions were released into the wild, there was a widespread belief that a white lion could not survive in the wild. It is for this reason that most of the population of white lions now lives in zoos. White lions in the Timbavati area were considered indigenous in South Africa for centuries, although the earliest recorded observations of these animals in the region were in 1938. As a deity for local residents, white lions first attracted public attention in the 1970s, in Chris McBride's book The White Lions of Timbavati. Similar populations from Mazanie are not albinos, their white color is caused by a recessive trait derived from a less pronounced mutation in the same gene that causes albinism different from the gene responsible for the color of white tigers. They range from blond to almost white. This coloration does not impair the ability to survive. White lions were reintroduced into their natural habitat, today they are successfully hunted and multiply without human intervention for a considerable period of time. White lions in the zoo is an amazing and extraordinarily beautiful sight, which is now available to anyone who wants to access it. Broadcast in real time with the webcam installed there is activated online.

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