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Moscow Avenue from the center is one of the sought-after areas, well-maintained, convenient for living. It is located 4.1 km from the Holy Transfiguration Monastery, the center of the city of Yaroslavl is located 4.1 km from this place. The nearest airport is Tunoshna. The distance to it is 21 km. The nearest railway station is 4,4 km. The nearest beach is "Wild Beach", located 2.7 km. As a guide, we can consider the Church of the Archangel Michael, which is located 3 km from this place. The Cathedral of the Assumption is 3.3 km from the apartments of Moskovsky Prospect, and to the Church of Elijah the Prophet is 3.5 km away. You can look at one of the sections of the avenue through the lens of the modern webcam installed here. The broadcast is completely free and available to anyone. Zoom video can be on the whole screen of the device, which allows you to view the small details and special architecture of this place. It is worth saying that the avenue attracts many tourists with its special aura. There are shops and a wide roadway, which is well seen from this angle.

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