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The Ussuri tiger was and remains one of the most powerful specimens in this category of animals. This is an amazing and at the same time a strong animal, which can not always be seen in a natural environment. Since the rescue of the animal has become a priority for ecologists and individual groups, the tiger has ceased to be on the verge of extinction, but at the same time it remains under the protection of the state. By the 1980s, the number of the Ussuri tiger increased to about 500 individuals. Although poaching has increased after the collapse of the Soviet Union, ongoing efforts to conserve and combat the killing of this animal, including WWF, have helped to maintain a stable population of about 540 individuals. The habitat of the Ussuri tiger is now limited to the Primorsky Krai, the Khabarovsk region and the Far East of Russia. He lives there, where cold and severe climate prevails, long winters are not terrible for him. This is one of the largest felines in the family, the extraction is quite enough in the natural environment, but sometimes the sick individuals decide to keep at the zoo. Ussuriysky tiger in the zoo is all the same power and strength that he demonstrates in the natural environment. You can see the animal through the lens of the installed webcam, the picture quality is excellent. Broadcast in real time gives the opportunity to get to know the animal remotely, to learn its habits. Video can be viewed anywhere in the world, it's enough to have a stable connection to the network.

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