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Wolves in the zoo are developing almost as well as in the natural environment, when they reach 100 pounds, the jaws become strong enough to split the moose bone. Often in the zoo are such animals that, due to their helplessness, can not survive in a natural nature. As these wolves live around people, over time they become unable to withstand nature, so developing in such conditions, they allow people to be near them, conduct veterinary tests and even scratch them behind their ears. Wolves in the zoo is not a millet spectacle, but also an opportunity to preserve the view from extinction. In spite of the fact that they reproduce worse, they still have offspring and are released at a certain age at will, pre-ringing. It should be understood that even the people who raised them should take precautions. Wolves do not accept weakness, so feeling that a person is sick or injured can attack him, but this is all very individual, there is a reaction from wild animals that no one expects. Wolves in the zoo today are actively broadcast through the lens of the installed webcam in the city of Yaroslavl. A great opportunity to see the animal for those who do not have such a possibility. Broadcasting is around the clock, the quality of the picture is excellent. You can watch video in online mode at any convenient time, no matter what country you are in, the main thing is to have a quality connection to the network.

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