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Almost every town has a Central Plaza designed for major city events. Its dimensions are strictly controlled, so that the object could accommodate the necessary number of participants. To see the square from different Russian cities and not only, you do not need to leave the walls of the house, it is enough to turn on the computer, log on to the Internet and enjoy the picture. The web camera installed on the Central square in Tver works in real time,which means you can not only see but also hear what is going on it. The device was placed at this altitude and under such situation, the user receives a maximum of useful information. The picture quality is great, but the web camera has no night mode, so after sunset everything is not lit the corners of the square remain under a veil of secrecy. The rest of the time after dawn you can observe the city, make its observations on the architecture of the square, its features, location of her main elements. this is a unique opportunity to explore the city, its main sights or simply necessary elements of the infrastructure.

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