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One of the features of Serbia is considered its identity, but this is not all that is rich in culture, Slavic mentality, excellent cuisine and many attractions that once in my life to see. Serbia has a lot of fan and even among those who have never been here, but I wanted to visit. Great news for them is that throughout the country has installed a webcam to watch live broadcasts from any user, regardless of where it is located. Online video from the camera is transmitted to the network around the clock, in real time, it is enough to have only good quality connection. A virtual tour will help you to plan a future vacation in Serbia, you will be able to see the city, cultural facilities and much more in real time, which is very important. on arrival there you will see how the people of that country friendly to tourists. The local population is behaving very simple and does not divide people into Nations and races. In Serbia every resident is passionate about sports and always be a fan of one of teams. At stadiums during football match you can see people of different ages and they are all equally violently sick. Sports news you can hear in discussion with locals anywhere, even on the Playground with children's swings. The other undeniable fact about Serbia – here love coffee and don't start my morning without it. This is not just a ritual, it is an integral part of the culture of this nation. Every family has their own recipe for how to brew coffee in a cezve and not sharing them with anyone and everyone drinking of this drink is reminiscent of the ceremony.

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