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The city received its modern name in 1919. Until then, he was mostly known in English by his German name Pressburg, because it had long been dominated by the Austrians and other Germans. This is the term from which the Slovak (Prespohok) and the Czech (Preshpurk) names are derived until 1919. The Hungarian name of the city, Pozzhn, was given after the first castellan of the castle "Pason". The origin of the name is unclear: it can come from the Czech Pos or the German Poscho, which are personal names. The medieval village of Brezalauspurc is sometimes attributed to Bratislava, but the actual place Brezalauspurc is under scientific debate. The modern name of the city is attributed to the misinterpretation of Pavel Józef Shafarik Braslav as Bratislava in his analysis, there are medieval sources that forced him to come up with the term Břetislav, which later became Bratislava. During the revolution of 1918-1919, the American Slovaks proposed the name "Wilson" or "Wilsonstadt" (after President Woodrow Wilson), supporting national self-determination. The name of Bratislava, which was used only by some Slovak patriots, became official in March 1919. Other alternative city names in the past include Greek: Ιστρόπολις Istropolis (which means "Danube City", also used in Latin), Czech: Prešpurk, French: Presbourg, Italian: Presburgo, Latin: Posonium, Romanian: Pojon and Serbo-Croatian: Pozhun Pozhun. In old documents, confusion can be caused by the Latin forms of Bratislava, Wratislavia, etc., which refer to Wroclaw, Poland, and not to Bratislava. Modern hockey hall Hamikovo in the city can be considered through this broadcast. It comes with a web camera installed around the clock.

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