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The first evidence of habitat can be traced to the end of the Paleolithic era. The first written mention of the Hungarian town of Kosice comes from 1230. After the Mongol invasion in 1241, King Bela IV of Hungary invited German colonists to fill the gaps in the population. The city was located in the historical district of Abauj of the Kingdom of Hungary. The city was made of two independent settlements: Lower Kosice and Upper Kosice, united in the 13th century around a long ring formed by the lenses of today's main street. The first known city privileges come from 1290. The city grew rapidly due to its strategic location on the international trade route from the agricultural-rich central Hungary to central Poland, the largest along the route connecting the Balkans, the Adriatic, the Aegean Sea with the Baltic Sea. The benefits granted by the king were useful for the development of crafts, business, growing and for building its strong fortifications. In 1307 the first rules of the guild were registered here and were the oldest in the Kingdom of Hungary. Being a Hungarian free royal city, Košice strengthened the king's forces at the decisive moment of the bloody battle for Rožgony in 1312 against a strong aristocratic palatine. In 1347 it became the second place in the hierarchy of Hungarian free royal cities with the same rights as the capital of Buda. In 1369 he received his own coat of arms from Louis I of Hungary. Today you can evaluate the ski resort, which is broadcast to the whole world through a webcam lens around the clock.

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