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Makov is a village and a municipality in the Chadka district in the Žilina district of northern Slovakia. In historical records, the village was first mentioned in 1720. The municipality is located at an altitude of 583 meters and covers an area of ​​46.052 square kilometers. It has about 1905 people. District of Czadca (okriz Chadka) is an area in the Žilina region of northern central Slovakia, in the Kysuce region. It was established in 1923, and the present borders exist since 1996. The forest covers 58% of the area. This is one of the densely populated areas of Slovakia, the population density is higher than the average Slovak. The basis of the economy is engaged in machine building, metalworking and woodworking industry. In the district there are several winter and ski resorts, primarily Oschadnitsa and Makov. The administrative place is the city of Chadka, however many local residents go daily to Zilina for work, purchase or education. Downhill skiing can be viewed from the comfort of your home through a web camera, the quality of the online broadcast is good.

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