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In the XIX century it was one of the centres of Slovak national movement. He slowly became one of the industrial and financial centers of the Kingdom of Hungary, especially after the railway Kassa-Oderberg was completed in 1871, when many new plants - paper and pulpwood, but also brick works (1871) or the textile industry. In 1907 Draft, which was more a street than a part of the city today, an event occurred known as Chernovskaya tragedy. From 5 April 1945 Ruzomberok was captured by the troops of the Czechoslovak I army corps, acting as part of the Soviet 4th Ukrainian front. Ruzomberok again became part of Czechoslovakia after the disintegration of Czechoslovakia in 1993, became part of Slovakia. In 1995, Ruzomberok became a district town. Today before you is a panorama of the mountains from the Spa, to see which was possible due to the webcam and broadcast online.

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