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About webcam "Panorama from height" in Kranjska Gora

One of the most beautiful sights that can be seen in your life – panorama from height not so important what you are watching. So people could enjoy such views from the comfort of home, in many countries, in different cities have web Cams that give a clear picture in real time, is no exception and Kranjska Gora. Webcam installed on the top of the lift. This place is easily visible by the surrounding nature, landscape and settlement at the foot. It is seen that the lift on the mountain the day neither one kilometer, of course, their own people would not be able to come here or it would take a lot of time, so the lift, with great views, was the perfect tool and assistant. The webcam takes a picture on your computer around the clock in real time, so you can always assess the weather conditions in this area.

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