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About webcam "Panorama from above" in Badalona

Spain is full of beautiful places that offer you to forget and just enjoy the atmosphere for a moment. The most interesting places are cities that amaze with their size and incredible open spaces. Today, each user can easily take advantage of the unique opportunity in the form of monitoring the webcam panorama from above in the city of Badalona Spain. For coverage, several cameras are presented at once from different angles, which makes it possible to diversify the observations. The equipment itself is static and shows one frame, but enough for a good feeling.

As for the details, the webcam offers: - one camera shows a panorama, the second is placed over one area (this will allow you to feel the scale); - the bird's eye view allows you to enjoy the environment, it is clear that it is in the lowlands, so it is easy to see; - Be sure to look at the review at night to experience the beauty of urban illumination.

It serves as a pleasant addition to the collection of urban open spaces. Each user is curious about what is hiding abroad, and now there is a chance to personally see it.

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