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Throughout Spain there are a huge number of small villages whose main activity is fishing. It is not surprising, because there are such villages right on the coast. Not to say that they act as resort towns, but savvy travelers can advise to rest there, and not only because it is cheaper to rent a house, but because there are free from the crowds of the beaches, amazing nature, clean sea and many more other benefits, such as silence. The beach in the village of Calella stretches for several kilometers, the width from the water's edge, it is several tens of meters. It is attractive because there are no large number of tourists, on the surface is sand, and the descent to the water is quite shallow in order not to fear for the safety of children. If earlier to see the beach you just arrived in country, but now you can assess the advantages and disadvantages of the territory remotely in your own flat. For this you will need to have a good connection to the Internet and a device able to perceive and reproduce the video signal and no matter what country you are in. Webcam working around the clock in real time, all the information that you get it operational, so you can see what is happening thousands of miles away from you. This is a great opportunity to learn the weather conditions in the affected chamber area, this function makes it easier to plan your holiday without any disappointment. Despite the fact that the webcam is working around the clock after sunset, almost nothing can be seen, and all because on the beach there are concentrated light sources, and the device removed from the shore to a distance that would allow us to make maximum coverage of the picture.

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