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When it comes to vacations, people quickly begin to decide where they are allowed the opportunity to travel to not just spend free time, but to get the most pleasant sensations. Usually, in dreams and hearing, such as the Black sea, the Bahamas, Ibiza. If you touch exactly the latter, Ibiza attracts tourists from all over the world not only well-organized hotels, but also a unique nature, warm sea, white sand beaches. This is the perfect place for a beach holiday in a noisy group, with the onset of darkness here life never stops, in contrast, opens a second wind and people are immersed in the nightlife full of adventure and excitement. If still recently to see the territory of Ibiza, it was necessary to buy a ticket, now it is possible, for any user who has the access to the Internet and a device capable of playing video, turning it into great TV. A web camera pointed at the sandy beach, beach located in Ibiza was established to ensure that any person could make a virtual journey to Spain. The webcam works in real time, you will always have operational information regarding the number of tourists on the beach and the quality of the weather conditions. The device operates around the clock, the most incredible images appear before you at sunset and at dawn, take some time to appreciate the beauty of these places. After the sun sets, the picture is getting worse, and all because the frame gets a poorly-lit territory, but this time on the beach, a lot of people and does not happen, tourists are lured to their numerous bars and cafes.

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