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Not only in Russia but in other countries, for example, in Spain, in small towns and villages have a local government building, which sit representatives of the Executive power authorised to resolve small problems of local residents. In the city of Manresa, this building was built in classic Spanish style, of stone blocks, which in this country are the main material for building houses. Before the administration of a large car Park that is impossible not to notice, turning the stream from a web camera. The device was installed on one of the nearby houses, thanks to it, any user of Internet can see what it looks like administration. The web camera transmits a picture freely available to the whole world, it is sufficient to have at hand a device that is able not just to perceive the signal, but also to reproduce it. The camera works in real time, this is a great assistant, which can be always up to date and to determine in advance whether there is Parking lot Parking space. The webcam works around the clock, but after dark, the picture quality deteriorates due to insufficient light in the territory of the administration and distance device. The modern progress will make you not just a trip to Spain in a few hours you can without any extra costs to visit the beaches, cities, and other objects located on the territory of this country. Webcams help overcome the distance in a matter of seconds, to obtain a maximum of useful information, learn about the latest developments and weather conditions, not from the media, but directly.

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