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Spain is unique in its own way, in its territory combines incredible landscapes that cannot fail to please the beauty, warm sea and a large coastal line, is the advantage that it collects throughout the country thousands of tourists every year. About this country, it is safe to say that it will delight you with not only the friendliness and flavor, but also nature, beautiful sea and white sandy beaches. One of the most beautiful places is located in Tamariu, one of the villages located on the coast. This place is the fact that there are not that many tourists, a quiet and peaceful holiday that's the main thing what they want the tourists. If you plan to go to Spain but don't know which part to choose as places to stay, you can help web cameras, installed in large numbers in different cities and small villages. The device supplying this stream, overlooking the Cape and the beach in Tamariu. The webcam works in real time, therefore, all the operational information, the video delay can only be caused by not well-connected to the Internet. The stream is in open access, anyone, regardless of location can see the Cape and beach it's enough to give a bit of free time. The web camera is a perfect assistant when it comes to planning a vacation, it is now possible not to travel at random, most of the objects are lit in real-time. All advantages and disadvantages you can see and due to the shooting. The device though is working around the clock, night shooting is difficult because of the lack of the required number of light sources, despite that the camera was installed so that the user in the details area of the beach and appreciate the beauty of the Cape.

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