Webcam Alexandria - Size Popova on Lenin Avenue

Площадь Попова на проспекте Ленина в Александрии

About webcam "Size Popova on Lenin Avenue" in the city Alexandria

Square Popova on Lenin Avenue in Alexandria, which is located on the territory of Ukraine, quite a popular place among locals. Due to the vast territory is the perfect place for public events and political meetings. In addition, the area of the square uses the active youth of the city, you can roller skate, bike, play ball and other active games. So that everyone can see what is the object above the square were installed a web camera. Picture, broadcast it, served in a free access on the Internet, people from all over the world can see what is going on at the site simply to have a device for receiving video and the network connection. Webcam, due to its location, almost completely covers the area, and with it the local area with road, sidewalk and buildings. At night, the photo quality is getting worse, and all because in the square there is a concentrated powerful light source that would illuminate the object and at this time of day. Reliable information in real time helps you to learn not only about the political situation in the city, but the weather changes, if you are going to go there to visit.

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