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On the territory of Ukraine a huge number of beaches which can be both comfortable and wild. On their site you can be free, but there are area who have been redeemed and belong to bases of rest. Beach base arcade, which is not only highly equipped with everything necessary and equipped for a comfortable holiday, one of the clearest examples of how a person can elevate the area. There are a huge number of sunbeds throughout the coastline, there are cafes and other necessary buildings. Coming to rest in Berdyansk you will find a place where it is convenient and interesting to spend your vacation. In order to evaluate the possibility of the object on one of the buildings has been installed webcam. The device is aimed directly at the coastline, it captures the frame sunbeds, down to the sea and sea to the horizon. Thanks to round the clock broadcast the picture you to know in advance what the weather conditions are at the moment on the beach. The camera works in real time, so all the information is accurate. If you look closely, you can even without thinking to determine the height of the waves of the sea. The beach area is a few tens of meters, space enough not harassing tourists to give the place on the beach for everyone. Here you can see not only beds, but also tents that are designed for people wanting to live in nature. They are sufficiently removed from the water, so no danger even bad weather is not for tourists.

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