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In the city of Berdyansk is an Orthodox Church, which is always a lot of believers. It is characterized by amazing beauty, incredible architecture that can be studied remotely if you have a computer or phone and a quality connection to the Internet. The temple of the Melitopol highway carries out not only day, but night service, it is large in size, so in a period of great religious holidays can place a lot of people. Around the temple is landscaped area, benches, a small garden with flower beds, green spaces greater height. So all network users can see the object and to assess its benefits before it was installed webcam. Now anywhere in the world you can follow development of events on the illuminated space, to follow the procession and the influx of believers. To activate the stream, simply, it does not require sophisticated equipment, it is enough to have a handy device in which to receive and reproduce the video signal. Quality connection to the network ensures uninterrupted broadcast. A virtual journey to the temple will give not less useful information than if you personally got there. Web camera ideal for travel for those people who can not spend time traveling. Most of the temples today rapidly gives permission to start their web cameras to the network, it allows you to attract more people's interest in their activities. People from all over the world can now actually see what it can offer them the object and what is its infrastructure. Webcam help us to save time and money. at night, the webcam does not stop the stream, and the area around the temple lights up in a variety of installations. It is a unique spectacle that you must see, especially since the view is completely free.

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