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Berdyansk – a city in Ukraine, which has world fame is its proximity to thousands of tourists every year. In connection with the recent situation in the country, very few people do endeavor to visit the territory of Ukraine, but this does not mean that the interest in it fell. No, it is a country which has something to boast of, including it has a unique nature and can offer not only ski slopes, but the warm sea with white sandy beaches. In the city there are several Webcams broadcasting around the clock the picture in real time all over the world. Access to them is not forbidden and anyone can independently verify that in most cities in this country now, quietly and peacefully. This webcam is aimed at Prospekt Of Azov (Lenin), who like to walk around the locals. The site is large enough, even large company of young people feel here freely. The device includes not only the paved road, but up and coming residential high-rise building. In addition to the live broadcast, you can enable the sound and then the atmosphere of the city will include in your house. The webcam works during the day, but at night the picture quality deteriorates. This happens for the reason that coverage area there are not enough powerful light sources, so you can see what is happening will be only where they are installed. Thanks to the device you will always have timely information not only regarding the political situation in the city, but also weather conditions.

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