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The White Church is a historical city located in the Kiev region of Central Ukraine. The city is located on the river Ros, the tributary of the Dnieper. The population of the city is about 212 090 people. The White Church became part of the Russian Empire in 1793, in the XIX - beginning of the XX century it was the center of the Vasylkivsky Uyezd of the Kiev province. White Church - is located approximately 85 km from Kiev, 38 km from Fastov and 37 km from Skvyra. The community was formed there by the end of the 16th century. In 1664, 100 houses in Jewish property were registered out of 800 people. The community was destroyed during the ascent of Khmelnytsky in 1648 and again suffered at the beginning of the uprising in Haidamak in 1703. Subsequently, the Jews began to settle there again, and in 1765, there were already 1876 taxpayer voters in the city and its environs. After the White Church was attacked by hordes under the Cossack General Gonta (1768), only 223 Jewish residents remained. The community increased to 1,077 in 1787. The grain trade and the sugar industry contributed to the growth of the city in the XIX century. In 1904, the Jews owned 250 workshops and 25 factories of light industry, in which 300 workers worked. In 1905, the Jews suffered from pogroms. In 1907, Jewish local residents appealed to the Minister of Public Education with a request to grant permission to open an eight-year school to teach the public a training program for men in the White Church. Today it is a Ukrainian city with a developed infrastructure. The central market for Levanevsky is one of the main places of gathering of local residents. This is a large object on the territory with different goods, from things to grocery stores. If you want to see the central market in real time and estimate its size, this broadcast is especially for you. Shooting online, it is conducted around the clock and is completely free for any user.

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