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In the city of Cherkasy, located in Ukraine. there is a valley of roses, where flowers are grown and where they are supplied to markets beyond the area. here you can go on a tour, and you can just see the object on the screen of their own phone or computer in real time. The picture quality is sure to please the user, he can see a huge area in front of him, which is especially beautiful during flowering. Webcam that is set, shows the area of the valley, which is always a lot of tourists. If you are only going here on vacation, a webcam is a unique opportunity for you to see how many people are now arriving in the valley, what is the weather here. In addition, the web camera is installed so that it maximally covers the area, you can see the nearest buildings, infrastructure and other things that will help to estimate the comfort of future guests. The webcam works in real time around the clock, but the device does not have a night mode, and in the valley there is not enough light to be able to examine in detail the object on the screen. It is best to admire the beauty of this place after dawn, when the sun is enough to view the area of the valley from the horizon to the end of coverage of the camera. take a fascinating trip by yourself or with your children, find out something new.

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