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Most Ukrainian cities today you can see without buying a plane ticket or train. Technical progress has allowed worldwide coverage of the territory of the Odessa, Lviv, Kiev and other smaller cities that are not tourist centres, but want as much attention from people around the world. Web camera gave man the unique opportunity to travel the world without any extra cost, all you have to do is generally for use in humans. Computer or any other device through which you can watch the video broadcast and the Internet – all you need for the trip. The city of Chop, which is also located on the territory of Ukraine, but less known to ordinary inhabitants, is also illuminated by means of the web camera. one of the devices installed on the European square. This was done on purpose, precisely because the city is not very big in size, within a few minutes, who could see, the area is one of them. Webcam installed so that people received a lot of useful information on the illuminated object. Stream is served to the Internet in the public domain, the picture is clear, it is possible to activate the sound. The webcam works around the clock, but with the onset of sunset, the picture quality deteriorates. This is because the device is removed from the object and light sources in its territory is not enough to illuminate the space area. In the rest of the day, you can view videos and explore the features and architecture of the area. If you look closely you can see the right side Parking is available for cars from the right side of the area reserved for the area.

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