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In practically every large city not only has its own market where you can buy goods of different categories, from clothes, to food. Berezinsky market, located in Dnipropetrovsk city, it occupies a large area, it is a good quality staircase, and next to it there is a large Parking lot for passenger vehicles. Inside the market there is a place for open trays and covered space, to see the object, you can use the Internet. A video view of the market is freely available to the whole world, camera lens covers the entire territory of the object. They greatly helps people, namely, it allows him to blur the limits between countries and States. Web cameras installed in the market and demonstrate it in real-time from all sides, showing the present life and the life there. Camera you can watch anytime you like, all live broadcasts going around the clock. In online mode, any Internet user can see the details of the elements of the Berezinsky market. This virtual tour has many advantages, you don't have to spend their own money and you save time. coverage of installed the camera is really huge, so you can give the stream object and the adjacent area of the device is set higher. The only way netizens can assess the volume of the building. The picture quality is great, the day of the car arriving at the market are perfectly visible. Camera provides timely information and allows is always in the loop.

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