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The Europa shopping centre is a huge complex located on the territory of the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk, which contains several dozen retail space, where people come for shopping. It is a building with unique views of the architectural performance worked professional, which it is impossible not to notice when you first look at the object. So web users could see the Mall across from him at the height of a few meters were installed a web camera aimed at the main entrance. The shot misses the area in front of another territory. For broadcast the picture it is possible to estimate the scale of the buildings, but to consider the entire project impossible. Camera you can watch anywhere, the main condition – the presence of good connection to the Internet. Video stream goes to the clock, the picture is clear enough. At night you can watch the video too, but the Mall is closed and the only information that gets a user from viewing data on the people. Not all the territory covered by the camera at night is clearly visible, objects on which light falls behind the scenes. The best time to obtain useful information regarding shopping centre – hours after dawn. During the viewing, you can assess the popularity of the Mall and the number of visitors. The camera always gives prompt and accurate information, so useful to network users. view a live stream with equal success on both the computer and on the phone.

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