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The city of Dnipropetrovsk, stands on a massive river, hence its name. This is a great place in the summer where you can spend quality and unforgettable holiday. the river is used by local residents actively as a place to stay, it's not only swim in the shallow shores, but play an active game, roast meat and even stay overnight in tents. Popular and Festival pier, near which are situated the restaurants with local gourmet cuisine, and from the pier sail boats and small ships. Festival pier immense size, not infrequently there are cultural events city-wide, the whole area has good livability and infrastructure. This is an amazing place for easy Hiking, this pastime will remain in your memory for a long time. To see the object now lens installed there is a web camera. Video stream is conducted from the shore, the cameras are able to qualitatively assess the benefits of this place, its equipment. Watch online video in real time you can from any point of the globe, enough to have a good connection to the Internet. Webcam working around the clock, so the user receives a maximum of useful information about nature. The device gives a maximum of useful information to any user of the network, the picture quality and helps us to see not only the features of this space, but its undeniable advantages. If you look closely it becomes clear that there is never deserted, even in the winter people spend their time on a stroll on the pier.

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