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Huge cities are characterized by a complex road system, which is designed not just to provide quality approach, but also free movement of traffic, without creating a large downtime, which always have a detrimental effect on the infrastructure of such objects. Precisely because the Dnipropetrovsk can be called a multi-million dollar town on its territory there are several areas with complex transport scheme, one of them is the ring on the new bridge. The man who tutu was never immediately clear where and how the stream of cars moving, which allowed the turns and where the collapse is strictly forbidden to facilitate the owners life over ring at the height of bird flight has installed a webcam stream which helps to obtain timely and accurate information regarding the situation on the bridge. The webcam works around the clock, all coming to your computer screen information prompt, the shooting is done in real time, the presence of the tube and the intensity of the traffic can be easily identified by the picture on your computer or phone. In the night time web Cam ceases to work, but the quality is deteriorating due to the lack of a device to night mode, in spite of this, the flow of cars is visible. The best time to be acquainted with the object after daybreak, when light becomes sufficient to consider in detail the ring. Watch the video, anyone can network, it is enough to have a great Internet connection and a device perceives a video signal and reproducing it. Online you can learn enough to determine the future trip on this road.

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