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Dnipropetrovsk stands on the river from which it got its name, it divides the city into two halves, between them was not only a ferry, there was a paved road bridge. The road is still new, but every day crosses the river to several hundred machines. The city administration has tried to make it so that the bridge was safe, wide and comfortable, that's why it almost never jams and cars are moving freely in one or other way. On the bridge, several lanes in both directions, the movement is regulated by the speed restriction. To exclude the possibility of the bridge accident, which in most cases is the cause of congestion. To see the new bridge over the Dnieper is now possible with any device that can receive and reproduce the video signal. At the height of bird flight above the bridge were installed a web camera, the lens is directed at the side of the bridge so that the user receives a maximum of useful information about the object. At night, the device continues to broadcast live to the whole world, only because of the remoteness and the paucity of bright light, the picture changes dramatically. The best time to study bridge – afternoon, when all the features of its architecture are perfectly visible from the screen of your computer. Webcam captures water surface of the river, the far Bank and the bridge with passing on it machines. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the real weather in the city, to determine the distance from one coast to the other, and the presence of traffic on the facility.

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